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I recently purchased a Medtronic 630g pump. This is my first pump. I was told that the trainer would spend a month with me to get the blood sugar levels on the pump at the correct amounts and show me how to use the pump. It had only been a couple of weeks asks now I'm being told that they can no longer provide service with a trainer because I have reached the maximum hours. I was never told that there are a maximum number of hours for training.

The trainer has shown a complete lack of concern that my blood sugar levels have been consistently high on the pump. After the first three days, I asked her what I could do to make changes to get the blood sugar levels under control but she said to just leave it for now. I didn't hear back from her.

The trainer has also repeatedly given me wrong information on using the pump and is always in a rush to finish the training so she can leave.

During the last training, she kept pressuring me to sign a document that all of the training was completed when it was not. She assured me that she would work with me on the rest of the training at a later date but this hasn't happened.

It is unfortunate that this company has a complete lack of concern over something that affects an individual's health.

Is there anywhere where I can file a complaint about my experience to someone that will actually do something about IT? I live in Canada

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