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After many issues with the 530g, and a few serious issues when the CGM gave me inaccurate readings, and DID NOT ALERT me to a low of 29, or high's over 400, I can not depend on the 530g System. After speaking to a CS Rep I was told that maybe I had been using outdated insulin, that I may have over extended the sensor beyond the 5 days, or my infusion sight was the issue. EVERYTHING BUT that the pump had malfunctioned. Along with calling the...
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I didn't like
  • Customer service attitude
  • Process after sales
  • No one takes responsibility of issues
Hooman Hakami Executive Vice President and President, Diabetes (763) 514-4000 x 818-576-5883 Jenny: 818-576-5883 I too have given up on the 530G and CGM. I have had the pump replaced 5 times in the past year. Many issues. Keep calling CS and followed all of their advice, but it is still unreliable. MANY MANY sensors replaced, but the issues continue. Returns are only allowed within the first 30 days. So I am out of luck. Because...
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Anonymous You can get Omnipod. Just pay $200.00 for PDM. Your insurance company will pay for pods instead of reservoir and infusion sets. It's called No tubes attached program. Love my ...

I didn't like
  • Product did not work as advertised
  • Did not offer another solution
  • Lack of integrity to back up product

Medtronic Minimed Insulin Pump Review

Terrible and stressful. I had rather *** on an electric fence than deal with Medtronic. I have been a customer for 5 years and reordering supplies is still a hassle. It is ridiculous.