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Ive dealt with back pain and spine conditions for 20+ years.I have multiple conditions, and have tried every option there is from physical therapy, steroid injections, medial beanch blocks and radio frequency ablation to name a few.

Ive been on pain meds since 2001. So when the pump was suggested to me it was truly a last option. I was on multiple meds and my goal for the pump was to eliminate that. I did not want to feel high.

What happened was much worse.

My morphine pump was implanted March 2013. The recovery was painful, and I was so high I wondered if I would ever come down. Within 3 months, I had to increase the dose.

This is standard for the pump I understand abd Im aware the body builds tolerance over time. But each time I got increased, I was in a fog for several days. During the next year I had it upped two more times, and then the memory issue became prevalent. I started to have memory problems, short term and long term recall.

I had a hard time concentrating, i was constantly restless. After 2 years, my pain was back to severe, and I had the same symptoms as alzheimers. I had to change my career, start taking more meds for the pain, spasms, nausea and depression. The depression came on like a fog.

And before i knew it I ceased all social interaction, stayed in bed all day and night and ended up losing my part time job I desperately needed to take care of my kids. I would take a customer's order, and within seconds the info would be gone. Erased from my brain. I started to express my frustrations and issues to my drs.

Of course it took month's but finally my pcp sent off the referral to see a neurologist because i truly thought something was wrong with my brain. I saw my pain mgmt dr, who did the implant and she suggested we try a new med. I didnt even know that was an option. So my morphine was removed from my pump, and dialudid was put in its place.

She could not remove the morphine in my cathetar though and explained the morphine would run out in 123 hours and then the dialudid would start. But when i went to work that night, I was so high I appeared drunk and Im 4 years on the wagon. I hallucinated while driving home. And then I slept, for a month.

The dialudid made me so tired, i couldn't stay awake. But hey I got my memory back! Which tells me even at a low dose, having the morphine pump for 2 1/2 years really screwed with my cognitive. I saw my pain mgmt again and started the process for extraction.

Currently on 7 different meds, my pump was lowered 87%. I was no longer able to use by bolus as the dosage of dialudid was a trickle. What I wasnt expecting was the severe withdrawel i went into. For over a week I was bedridden.

Unable to eat, sleep, constant diarrhea, shakes, sweats and so much anxiety. It was during this time I took myself off everything. Im now on week 3, and I can feel again. My memory has improved, Im no longer depressed and its clear to me how medicated I was.

My pain is severe, but thats something I will learn to live with, and am seeking a new dr and options. I have to go thru a 2 month *** of tapering off, so I can feel my pain 100% and make sure this is what I want. Ive wanted this for MONTHS. I just needed the strength to make it happen.

The pump is horrible. For me, a 38 year old single mom, having a brain is more important than my mobility. This pump took my life from me and mow Im piecing it back together.

I wouldnt suggest it to ANYONE.its not worth it.

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