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If your doctor mentioned Medtronic find another doctor. They don't do anything they say they will do.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I use MiniMed CGM, when I start a new sensor it seems to take over 24 hours to settle out. In particular it reads low for the first 12 hours.

When I call MiniMed their Customer Support people are rude and constantly try to make it my fault that the sensor is not reading accurately.

I'm required to fill out a survey every 90 days regarding the CGM option but the survey is very limited and does not allow any commentary.

It is as if MiniMed does not want to learn anything about the user experience.

If I was not committed to the pump and CGM due to insurance reasons I would drop MiniMed in an instant as I find them rude and arrogant and only concerned with sales and not the results the customer achieves. Maybe not unexpected as the corporation does not have to live with Type I diabetes and its sole function is to return value to the shareholders - not the customer.

My suggestion is before you purchase from MiniMed you strongly consider other options for pump and CGM products.

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