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I have used a Medtronic pump for about 17 years. I recently changed to the Guardian 3 Sensor with semi-closed-loop system.

Before I started using the sensor (the prior Enlite about 6 months before the 670G/Guardian system came out) I was repeated told how I would barely need to do any finger-stick blood tests because this thing was SO accurate. The Enlite required at least 2 blood tests per day. Really I ended up with at least 3, down from 4 or 5 per day for the past 35 years. That is not "practically none" as I was told (sold).

Then I started on the Guardian. This system requires at least 5 per day and as many as 8!!! I have alarms every few hours to take a blood test or I'm off the Auto mode. I feel like I'm part of the experiment for the next system, or the one after that.

Has my A1c improved? Yes. A little. Will I be healthier?

No one knows. Will I be a slave to this pump and take blood tests day and night. Definitely yes.

that is not the promise sold by Medtronics and especially by the sales staff. They will lie to made a sale.

Product or Service Mentioned: Medtronic Minimed Insulin Pump.

Reason of review: Misrepresented product.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: The truth.

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Yes minimed customer service has gone way downhill over the last several years. I have been on their insulin pump for over 25 years.and have had several versions.

Now the clipboard my most recent pump broke (this has happened many times). the replacement sent is SO FLIMSEY! It wont even stay put while exercising! So disappointed in this.

I use the belt clip all the time. Very disruptive to my daily routine. When I called to see if there was some other type of clip was available , I was told no.

Minimed has become complacent regarding customer complaints and satisfaction. Very disappointed and am looking into pump options other than Minimed

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