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My daughter is a young adult on her own trying so hard to be self sufficient. She recently placed an order with Medtronics for infusion sites and resivoirs.

She was behind in her payments so with held her order. She trying not to be reliant on her parents didn't come to us with problem. She ended up in ICU

for 4 days.

Unconscious for more than 48 hours, I was livid to find out that all could have been avoided with a simple payment. I do hold my daughter somewhat responsible but seriously she almost died over $500.

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Even worse, there's no way that stuff should cost $500. Shave a zero off the end of that price to arrive closer to reason.

Then there would not have been a problem because : (A) the previous items which caused a high account balance would have cost less and not instigated that withholding problem AND (B) She'd have been able to pay the reasonable $50 price without undue distress.

She's had to learn the tough way that with chronic illness, you must be your own case manager at all times regardless. I learned that too ...

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