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It all started back in 2014.......My son was put on a pump in 2013 and everything was going well with Medtronic until January 2014 when my doctor sent in new rxs for the new 530G pump and supplies. The order was placed early January and 2 weeks later I still had not heard from Medtronic on my order, meanwhile my son was running low on supplies. They advised me that they were waiting to hear back from the insurance on coverage and would notify me when the insurance company responded. I thought that was odd as coverage can be verified within minutes. Meanwhile my son was running low on his supplies. They were supposed to send out an emergency supply, which never happened. It took 31 days for us to receive our order and 4-5 phone calls in between trying to find out what was going on. At one point one of the CSRs (playing doctor) advised me that the order was not being processed because he shouldn't be on this pump and to go back to my doctor to discuss this pump again.

About a month after receiving the supplies and thinking the worst was over, I received the bill.....OVER $1,300. I immediately contacted Medtronic who stated that they were no longer contracted with my insurance but yet told during one of my many phone calls regarding this order that everything was covered just fine. I fought for over a year to try to get that ONE order reduced, with no success. I began using a supplier who was contracted with my insurance and LOVED them! Unfortunately this year my insurance changed and now I am forced to obtain our supplied through Medtronic again. Once again my first order took several weeks to actually ship and each person that I speak to always has different answers than the last. I am currently on a payment plan and each month when I call in, because that is the only way they will allow me to make the payment, they always tell me a different total amount and a different payment amount. Today the CSR tried telling me that I'm not on a payment plan and tried to force me to get on another plan and pay a higher monthly payment. then after finally getting him to read through the notes and see that I was on a plan, he still over charged me. He called me back telling me that he over charged me and wanted to charge me the correct amount. If I wouldn't have asked him how long it would take to reverse the first charge, they would have caused overdrafts to me account.

I am completely and utterly disappointed and disgusted with this company, to the point I am considering taking my son off of this pump and going back to manual injections.

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to issue a partial refund as the author lost $1300. This person is overall dissatisfied with Medtronic. The most disappointing about medtronic customer care at Medtronic was customer service , but reviewer liked product. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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